Long Kyanite Lariat

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Kyanite, a stone that does not absorbs negativity, therefore it can be used to create a harmonious and protective energy shield. Kyanite can also be used to restore one's depleted energy. Kyanite is believed to aid with self-expression and communication. It is also thought to strengthen supernatural abilities. 

Whether you’re on the hunt for a special occasion or a day-to-day accent, consider your search over! Our long Kyanite lariat is every girls dream. It's made with gorgeous marquis shaped genuine kyanite dipped in 24k electroplated gold & set in a 20" inch long 16k gold plated chain with an aprox. 7" inch long drop.  Kyanite is a unique blue gemstone. Since this is a genuine gemstone, no two are alike. 

Crystal measurements: 12mm x 40mm

**Every gemstone piece has unique characteristics.

The picture on this listing is a stock photo. The piece you will receive will be similar to this picture.

If you would like a picture of the exact piece you will receive, please message me and I will be happy to send you one.

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Each piece of Fyntage jewelry is hand-crafted, often with rare and/or unique beads and components, all of which requires delicate handling.

After each wear, gently wipe with a soft jewelry cloth and store in a jewelry box. Please note that many of our pieces are made with wire-wrapping techniques, which should be delicately handled and stored in an appropriate setting.

Avoid undue moisture and should your item get wet, make sure to dry it off. Certain metals and plating (specifically gold-plated) can tarnish over time when exposed to chemicals such as pool and sea water, hair spray, perfume and lotions. It's recommended to put your jewelry on last to minimize the contact with these chemicals.