JAWS Shark Tooth Bracelet

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Amazing chunky bracelet featuring a natural shark tooth pendant dipped in 24K gold. CLOSURE: Adjustable clasp closure MATERIALS: 24K gold dipped shark tooth, heavy brass chain and clasp MEASUREMENTS: choose your length, pendant measures approx. 1” Please note that due to the nature of the natural shark teeth each will be unique and differ form the photo. This bracelet is one of a kind. No two shark teeth are alike. Each is natural and has its own unique shape. SHARK TOOTH = Lucky Charms Many surfers would wear the shark tooth as a charm or talisman to bring them good fortune, keep away evil spirits and protect them from accidents and shark attacks. There is an Hawaiian legend of a young warrior who dove into the sea and fought with a sea god. He emerged victorious wearing a necklace of shark teeth. So, the shark tooth represents power and protection from the evil of the seas.

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